DIY WordPress Maintenance

You have a website – now you need to protect that investment! This course will teach you how to confidently maintain your WordPress website yourself.


But, now what?


Do you know if your site is being backed up?

If you want to make edits to your site or install updates, it’s important to know your site is backed up before you begin!


When you login, are you seeing alerts-galore?

Theme updates, plugin updates, and now WordPress is releasing a new version…


Is your anti-virus flagging your site as "dangerous"?

Proactively scanning your site for malware and monitoring your site security can keep this from happening!


Do you know what you'll do if your site goes down?

Knowing what to do in case of crash saves you stress, time, and money.

Amanda Weber, designer + developer

I don’t mean to scare you … but your website isn’t just a “set it & forget it” sort of thing.


Confidently know your website is…

Backed Up



Amanda Weber, designer + developer

I’m Amanda.

I’ve been building and maintaining WordPress websites for almost 15 years.

I love helping my clients, but all too often I’ve met people who have a WordPress site they’ve neglected for months (sometimes even years) and they’re stuck because:

👉 Their WordPress site is so out of date that they’re afraid to install updates
– OR –
👉 They tried installing updates but something broke and now they don’t know what to do
– OR –
👉 Their site is infested with malware and getting blacklisted by Google.

While I’d love to work together … please don’t let that be you.


DIY WordPress Maintenance

Designed with WordPress beginners in mind, this mini-course will give you the confidence to manage your own backups, install updates, and make sure your site is malware-free.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re protecting your website-investment.

Screenshots from the DIY WordPress Maintenance Mini-Course

In this mini-course, you’ll learn to…

Backup Your Site

Learn to run automatic backups on a set schedule as well as how to manually backup your site before making major edits or installing updates.

Store Backups in the Cloud

Storing your backups offsite ensures you’ll be able to recover your site if something breaks. You’ll learn how to automate sending your backups to Dropbox for safekeeping.

Restore Your Site from Backup

Just in case the worst-case scenario happens and you need to restore your site, learn how to do so in just a few simple clicks!

Install Updates

Does that “Update” button cause you anxiety? No more! You’ll learn the process and best practices for installing updates to plugins, themes, and the WordPress core system.

Scan for & Remove Malware

Learn how to proactively scan your site for malware, and the basics of how to remove malware if there are issues.

Keep your Site Secure

Learn some best practices you can implement today to keep your WordPress website secure.

DIY WordPress Maintenance


Only $48.00 for LIFETIME access!


What is covered in this course?

This course is divided into 3 modules:

  1. Backups
  2. Updates
  3. Malware and Security

Each module contains video screencasts to walk you through the process and best practices, step-by-step. See the detailed module contents here.

Will I need to buy anything else?

No! I designed this course to be as easy-to-implement as possible, and that includes pricing it affordably and only using tools and plugins that are free.

In some cases, you can optionally upgrade to get more featured, but they are not required for this course.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely. There is a space in every module to post comments and I encourage you to add questions if there’s something you don’t understand.  


If your question wasn’t answered above, please contact me.