Awesome! 👩‍💻 You’re ready to go!

What happens next?

👉 I’ll test the admin login you just created for me

👉 I’ll set up daily backups for your website

👉 I’ll run an initial malware and security scan of your site

👉 I’ll install pending updates to your plugins, themes, and the WordPress core

💌 You’ll get a quick email letting you know how initial maintenance went

… and all of those things will continue to happen at the beginning of every month 🗓

If you have questions at any time, feel free to shoot me an email at

⏱ If you signed up for the PLUS 30 or PLUS 60 maintenance plan, feel free to email me when you’re ready to request your content updates or ask questions!
(Don’t forget to attach any files I’ll need – copy, images, video, etc!)