Maintenance FAQ

What happens if I need my site restored from backup?

Simply reach out to me at and I’m happy to assist you with restoring your site from backup!

What happens if the installation of updates breaks my site?

This is a great reason to outsource maintenance! Once updates are installed if one of them is faulty or causes an issue or conflict with another plugin:

  • First, I’ll try to quickly diagnose the issue. Often times tweaking just a few settings will do the trick!
  • If that doesn’t work, I’ll restore your site from its most recent backup so you’re back up and running with minimal downtime. Then I’ll email you to discuss a solution!

What happens if you find malware or malicious code on my site?

If I find malware or malicious code or malware on your site during one of our regular scans, the first thing I do is to try and remove or quarantine the problematic files. If for any reason that doesn’t work, I’ll work with you and your web host to clean up any issues and/or restore your site from a malware-free backup.

What’s included in your monthly reports?

You’ll receive a report every month detailing all the maintenance that was performed, including:

  • Documentation of backups performed
  • Listing of all updates installed, including:
    – WordPress core system
    – Themes
    – Plugins
  • Security and malware notes
  • Basic analytics
  • If you subscribe to the PLUS 30 or PLUS 60 plans, a list of all additional content updates that were made during your allotted 30- or 60-minutes of retainer time.

How do I submit edits for my 30/60 minutes?

Whenever possible, please email ALL of your edits/questions in a single email for the month. Please attach any relevant content (e.g. photos, videos, text copy) to that email or link to them using a service like Google DriveDropbox, or WeTransfer and include the link in the email. 

Turnaround Time

So long as all materials needed to complete the update(s) are provided, I will complete your requested edits within 3 business days.


Sh*t happens. If for some reason you can’t wait 3 business days, let me know and I’ll do my very best to accommodate your needs.

On the rare occasion that I take a vacation and will be away from my desk for more than a day, I’ll always email out an announcement at least 2 weeks in advance.

What can my 30 or 60 minutes of content updates be used for?

If you subscribe to the PLUS 30 (30 minutes) or PLUS 60 (60 minutes) plans, you can use your allotted time in one of two ways:

1. Content updates to your site. This includes things like updating text copy on existing pages, swapping out photos or videos, publishing blog posts, adding in code snippets for conversions or analytics (e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook tracking pixels, Pinterest verification meta tags, etc.)

This does not include the creation. of entirely new pages on your site or larger scale redesigns.

2. Ask a question (or two!) If you aren’t needing updates, feel free to submit a question or two by email. Typically I’ll respond with either an email or a Loom screencast video/demonstration if appropriate.

I’m happy to answer your questions about topics such as:

  • WordPress – e.g. adding/editing content, where to find things in the admin area, etc.
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Google Analytics

What if I don’t use my full 30 or 60 minutes for the month?

Time does not roll over month-to-month, so I encourage you to use your time to ask questions if you don’t have any copy/content updates needed for a particular month.

What if I need MORE than 30 or 60 minutes for the month?

If you submit a request that exceeds your allotted 30 or 60-minute plan, I’ll always email you and let you know before I start any work and provide a time/cost estimate to perform the requested edits.

If it’s a one-time need, excess time is billed at my normal rate of $90 per hour.

If you anticipate needing more than 60 minutes per month on an ongoing basis, I would love to discuss a custom retainer plan with you!

What’s your cancellation policy?

Rest assured you’re not locked into a contract and you can cancel any time. I ask that you please give 10 business days’ notice if at all possible.

The only “fine-print” is that if you take advantage of a discounted rate then cancel, you won’t be able to re-subscribe at the discounted rate. (If you wanted to re-subscribe, it would be at whatever the current rates are at that time.)